Om Barach

“Barach” is Hebrew and means “to kneel” to bless someone or to obtain the blessing.

My desire is that you will be blessed by our Lord Jesus Christ to fully be able to live the life that He has planned for you.

My intention is to collect good Christian teaching and in one place, providing the opportunity to take advantage of all the good that these people have been communicating.

This site has been created by Daniel Jaede. This site does not sell anything or ask for money.

Since I live a bit on the outskirts of the city’s large selection of Christian teaching, so have the instruction to buy, listen or download given me encouragement. I would like to, as far as possible, also share with you what I’ve found. is not responsible for the content (what is said or expressed in writing) of the teaching contained on this website. The source of the teaching is clear. Having sad that, it is important that everyone who listens or read takes a position on its contents.

Of course, we want to encourage to visit the church that is local to the place you / you live, and to share fellowship and teaching with other Christians.

Teaching online is only a complement.

This website is not part of any company or organization.